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  • Monica R. (Monday, October 24 11 05:02 pm EDT)

    I have to say that was the best massage I have ever had, your knowledge and expertise in identifying and targeting problem areas is outstanding. You go above and beyond the typical standard massages
    and deliver far more than the money's worth.I will definetly be coming back as often as I possibly can. You are worth every penny and then some. Thanks a million!

  • Lourdes A (Monday, October 24 11 05:04 pm EDT)

    Thanks for the massage it was very good and you really work out the areas that I asked you to. Something that I like the most about you is that you are very professional and have good drapping
    skills. You rock Evett!!!!! Thanks a lot.

  • Elvis C. (Monday, October 24 11 05:05 pm EDT)

    Evett is extremely knowledgeable, and a highly trained therapist. Going to her for a massage is a totally different experience than going to a spa where the person has little or no understanding of
    anatomy. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.

  • Beth Golding (Thursday, February 23 12 01:29 am EST)

    I have gotten massage from a number of massage therapists in my lifetime, and I truly have to give credit where credit is due. Evett is gifted in her craft, her knowledge in this area of therapy is
    exceptional. My suggestion to all who I have recommended and will recommend to Evett is this, " If you have a broken leg, go see a doctor, but if you have some stiff joints, sore muscle and aches and
    pains, go see Evett!

  • Articia M. (Friday, March 16 12 03:02 pm EDT)

    Thanks Evett, not only for the best massage I have ever had, but also for taking the time to explain the different massage modalities as well as their therapeutic applications.
    Your obvious knowledge of the anatomy and your skillful implementation of your craft was so impressive, I feel compelled to spread the good news wherever I go.
    Thanks again for the wonderful experience, and I look forward to coming back soon.

  • Robert (Friday, July 27 12 12:27 pm EDT)

    Thank you, Eve, for an incredible healing experience!While I've always known about the benefits of massage therapy,I had never experienced a deep tissue massage.Her knowledge of anatomy and massage
    technique is very impressive.But don't take my word for it,treat yourself like I did ,and you'll feel sooo much better after her therapy.

  • Melanie (Sunday, July 29 12 06:14 pm EDT)

    I've always known all of the good benefits of a massage,but i have to said that this particular massage was an amazing experience. ms. Evett took the time to explain the reason for sore muscle and
    aches and pains, her knowledge is impressive. thanks. I will be back.

  • Kristin (Friday, July 24 15 08:17 am EDT)

    could not sleep laying down. That is how I came to know Eve. I was so worried that it was something more serious but after my second massage therapy session with her, I was back to sleeping laying
    down! I had been sleeping sitting up for about a month and sleep was interrupted, uncomfortable and not restful to say the least. She recently moved to this location in Winter Park. When I first met
    her I had to drive 5 min, now I drive about 40 min, I would follow her anywhere! She is so knowledgable about the body, such a sweet person and I always leave feeling relaxed, serene and sleeping
    wonderfully. I tell everybody about Eve and her gift of healing.

  • Celia santini (Saturday, August 22 15 03:49 pm EDT)

    I have been seen Yve for several months and what a difference I already feel. I had severe mid back and low back pain and she has gotten me 100% better. She has amazing hands! Thanks Yve for all the
    hard work you have done with me! Looking forward to my next appointment!

  • Terry Hood (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:30 am EST)

    Eve is a miracle worker! Such a beautiful person, a gift from GOD!! Never got complete relief from my pain! Neck shoulder and knee all have had surgery and chronic pain since! Back needs surgery, Dr.
    Says, I'll take Evette !!!!

  • KatrinaM (Friday, January 22 16 07:12 pm EST)

    I had my first massage with Eve today. She sat with me to discuss my issues. This has been the best massage I have ever had. I have years of tennis playing I have such knotty muscles in my shoulders
    and a very tight neck. She took her time working with every issue. Gently at first until she worked them all out. I will definitely be back ! Thank you Eve.

  • Tamara C. (Friday, April 08 16 10:42 pm EDT)

    Today was my 2nd visit to Eve, she was referred by someone else to me.(word of mouth) :) I have low back pain, sciatica and tight shoulder muscles. She listened, she worked, she helped me!! Thank you
    so much! Such a sweet spirit too <3

  • Maria (Tuesday, April 19 16 02:53 pm EDT)

    I found Eve and she is awesome. I have neck issues from my job that has built up over time. My issues will take time to work out but I am seeing improvement after about a month. I believe she is the
    one who will help me get back on track. Thank you Eve.

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