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Reflexology is a science based on the artful application of gentle pressure on reflex areas on the body, most usually hands, feet and ears. It produces harmony, health and homeostasis. Reflexology can be traced back many thousands of years. Many civilizations and cultures have used this ancient form of healing throughout history. This pressure therapy primarily involving the feet, revolves around the understanding that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that relate to the structure and function of all parts of the body. Applying pressure "aka finger walking" to these reflex points, using gently on-off pressure may influence the body in many ways.

The main principle of reflexology that has evolved with time and research is that "The feet mirror the body" See the chart below. The guidelines are the lines that divide the feet into the main sections. These guidelines assist in locating the specific reflex areas to work on. So....before you can start DIY, you need to have a reflexology chart. Once you pinpoint your areas of concern on the chart you can start doing light to medium finger pressure. Bear in mind, areas with sensitivity means that those areas could be compromised and therefore need more attention. Reflexology is one of the most effective therapies to maintain health and wellness.....I know, because I practice it daily and see it works wonders. I incorporate it in my daily activities to help maintain healthy organ and tissue functions.

As well as being used to help relieve specific disorders, reflexology may also be used to maintain the efficiency of the body. By doing regular sessions you could also get early warnings of compromised areas. This therapy is very safe, all ages can benefit, from very young babies to the elderly.

The reflexology slippers are also a great helper to stimulate all the reflex areas on the feet, and can be worn around the house or just when needed. It's an effortless way to stay healthy and keep the body in homeostasis, while warding off diseases.

Reflexology Therapy has been found to:

· Induce A State Of Deep Relaxation

· Promote The Flow Of Nerve Impulse

· Encourage The Release Of Toxins

· Reduce Stress & Tension

· Reduce Inflammation

· Improve Circulation

· Reduce Congestion & much more

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