Introducing The Far Infrared Sauna with                             Chromotherapy (Color Light Therapy)

      Some Health Benefits of Infrared             Sauna


We always make every effort in providing our clients with the best and most cost effective service to enhance their health and wellness.


Infrared sauna therapy is the most effective method of detoxing our bodies from continuous assault of environmental toxins we encounter every day and accumulate over decades.



Skin purification-Eliminate toxins from the pores and increase circulation

Improve Cardiovascular health

Reduses stress and fatigue

Burn calories

Muscle pain relief

Boost immune system, and much more.
















Please bring two large towels and one small one. Comfortable loose cotton clothing preferable (NO bathing suits). Be sure to dring plenty of water prior to your sauna session. You can also bring wet wipes so you don't re-absorb the toxins that are pulled out.

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